Friday, May 24, 2019

90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.

Often times, we take things for granted. With that said, we do the same thing with our computer data.  What we do not realize is that when our computer stops, everything  else does too: your business, social life, banking. Even your family pictures and who knows what else is at risk!  We all say “Yes, I think I have a backup from not long ago.” This usually translates to: 2 years ago when you swapped your computer for a better one, or maybe 2 weeks ago was your last backup.

However, what most people do not realize is that if you have to redo everything you did in those 2 weeks or 2 years, would you remember everything that needs to be redone? Do you remember all the invoices that you have created?  Or the payments applied in your accounting software?  Even worse, how about irreplaceable pictures from that special occasion that may be lost forever.  We all think this is not going to happen to us; the truth is that it could happen to anybody - even the savviest of the computer users. This is because most of the time you do not get a warning on major computer failures, or if you do you might not know how to address them!  One day your computer works and the next day it doesn’t . Regardless if your computer is 2 week old or 2 years old because hard drives always fail – It is a question of “when” not “if.” Viruses infect and destroy, and sometimes people accidentally delete things!  The real question is this: Can you afford to lose any (if not all) of your data? How much money is it going to cost you to resolve a problem like that after it happens?
It is easier and cheaper to take action before those things happen. After all an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There are many things you can do to backup your data, the easiest way would probably be to pay for an online backup service like to backup your computer. However, that might not work exactly the way you want if you have a larger network or if you also want to restore your operating system and not just your data. Protect your business from a major disaster like a hurricane, fire or even theft! 

Make sure you speak with a professional in order to better understand the actions that you need to take so that your business is up and running after a major disaster! This can also give you an advantage over your competitors.


Don’t wait till you lose your business or your precious data, call Virtual Networks Now for a free Hurricane Backup Evaluation.

It’s easy and simple, just call, make an appointment and a specialist will visit your business and prepare a custom report with an outline of actions to be taken to properly secure your business and your data today.  

Consequences of a Disaster

  • Loss of business
  • Loss of credibility
  • Cash-flow problems
  • Inability to pay staff
  • Loss of production
  • Loss of operational data
  • Financial loss

Disaster Recovery Statistics

  • 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.
  • 50% of businesses experiencing a computer outage will be forced to close within five years.
  • 43% will never reopen.
  • 80% fail within 13 months.
  • 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster.
  • Less than 50% of all organizations have a business-continuity plan.
  • 43% of companies that do have a business-continuity plan do not test it annually.
  • 80% of companies have not developed any crisis management to provide IT coverage sufficient to keep the business functionally effective.
  • 40% of companies that do have crisis management plans do not have a team dedicated to disaster recovery.

We'll help prevent you from becoming one of these ugly statistics.